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    ADD: Shizhuang,Huangtu,Jiangyin new port area,Jiangsu P.RJ,China
    Tel:+86-510-86882027  86891707  86887931

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    Jiangyin TianGuang Technology Co,Ltd is a collection of scientific research,new product development,production and sales of integ rated science and technology ente rprises,fo rmerly known as Jiangyin Tianxiang plastics chemical belt making Co,Ltd,the company was founded in 1956,the registered capital of 15 117 000 yuan…
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    Light- duty conveyor belts

      The light conveyor belt takes braided fabric made of polyester threads that has undergone special technical treatment as the carrier framework. One or beth sides are coated with rubber or PVC, PU, PE Featuring great strength, little elongation or extension, good bending and twisting ability stable running, long service life, etc.
      PU conveyor belt takes braided frabic made of polyester threads that has undergone special treatment as the carrier framework, the surface is coated with polyurethane resin ascarrier-side. The color of Droduction: transparent, cream colored, green, lackish green.
      PU conveyor belt has the common traits of high tensile strength, good bending, lightness…[MORE]
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